Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Green City Market Gets a New Look!

Before attending today's GCM (that's Green City Marketif your curious) I had already read on Eater that the market would be getting a re-vamp.  Organizers wanted a different flow of traffic and walk ways with drainage that would help when it pours.  Little did I know how much they were going to change things...
Pretty impressive with such limited means.  Good job Green City Market!

But of course all of the same farms were present.  And finally, after a few weeks of good weather we are starting to see some of the good stuff including Michigan cherries and....
 I love raspberries.  One of my favorite gin cocktails uses them and I will be tempted not to just go to the well and pull my raspberry cocktail out of inventory.  These berries are coming from Mick Klug farm.  Mick has been coming to the market since its inception.


I was curious about the town of St.Joseph itself.  I did a little research and turns out that St. Joseph was a very important point of American Indian travel and commerce.  Well, enough about St. Joesph (I could go on all day.)  These berries are sweet and slightly tart and I can't wait to try them with gin!

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