Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from vacation!

Just got back from Michigan where I enjoyed a little fun in the sun, a little bass fishing (Caught that little beauty in my girlfriend's parent's backlyard!), and a lot of drinking.  I am back at The Green City Market.  In truth, I have been coming here for the past few weeks but my schedule has kept me from blogging and has made me generally lame.  I am back to it now and committed to this thing until the Market ventures indoors.   I feel refreshed and relaxed.  I am focused.  Nothing can escape my fine-tuned eye.  Especially the similarities between this lady and her dog!
 I guess the old adage is true...People really do resemble their pets.

The Market is just ridiculous right now with fresh seasonal fruits and veg.  I wanted to grab two things this week and am contemplating two different Market cocktails.  On the unusual side of things I had to obtain some of these from Leaning Shed Farms.

Lemon cucumbers are technically a type of musk melon.  But musk melons are actually close to cucumbers in the first place.  Either way I am thinking of a shaken cocktail with gin and herbs.

Next I was just looking for flavor.  Peach season is in full swing and Paul Friday is a specialist in the field.
 Paul is renowned for his Flaming Fury Peaches and let me tell you they are so good.  Crisp but sweet, but not in a syrup way.

I really want to pair these with a sweet a smoky bourbon.  Maybe make a smash.  It's funny but one of the biggest things I have learned in the last few years is that fruits I used to hate I now enjoy simply because I have started finding and enjoying them when they are in season.  For years my exposure to peaches was via Nana (my grandmother).  She used those nasty canned ones and served them with cottage cheese.  I give a pass to anyone over the age of 55 who says they genuinely enjoy cottage cheese.  If they are younger and they say this...they must be some kind of mouth breather.
That's nasty.

Check back tomorrow for the drinks.  And remember if you are in the Chicago area to swing by Henri for delicious French inspired food, hand crafted cocktails and amazing wines.

Speaking of Mouth Breathers...Here's something for your Wednesday....


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