Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!

I haven't been to the Green City Market in weeks.  Hence, the lag in this blog.  Tales of the Cocktail, Lollapalooza (I ran a booth) and other factors kept me too busy.  So I apologize to those who avidly read my blog....all six of you!  But, I returned today and it was beautiful outside and the market was packed with goodness.
I was just trying to snap a pic of market and this "dude" cruised in with his dog.  Some people just want the limelight...even if it's just for six readers of a blog (Hey mom I love you!).

There are many farmers at the market...but dammit Nichols Farm always has em beat.  They have everything.  Because everything is in right now it really makes it hard to overlook fresh fruit.  The raspberries and blueberries they have look amazing.  I snatched up a whole "flat" (12 pints to you civies) and headed off to Henri.  I have already made a daquiri in my progression of GCM market cocktails but I don't care.  After all, it is the summer of Daqs!  You know this guy would agree....

He was the master Daq drinker.  Everytime I hear people refer to the Daq as a girlie drink I think about Ernest.  Anyway, off to the lab.  Tomorrow...Blueberry Daquiris for all!

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