Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waste Not Want Not!

It feels like fall is here already.  I drifted around the market today.  So many options.  But a little voice in the back of my head reminded me that I used some huckleberries from Nichols Farm to make a really great syrup over a week ago. 

And yes...I do have the handwriting of a slow seven-year old.  Anyways, I am at the Green City and I don't know what to get so I just decide that in the spirit of this whole blog and project (really this whole bloject) I just be resourceful and utilize the delicious syrup I already made.  I have just the spirit in mind too.  Gin.  More on this cocktail in the next post.

Since I am here though I might as well...
Buy some grass fed steaks from Mint Creek Farm.  About Mint Creek...

Mint Creek Farm


Sheep graze on organically certified alfalfa, clover and perennial grasses at Mint Creek Farm. In the winter they are fed hay raised at Mint Creek and kelp for trace minerals. "We know that there are many benefits to raising animals without feeding them grain," says Harry Carr, who runs the farm with his wife, Gwen, and their children, Jonathan and Raya, pictured with her dad. "Our lambs, grazing our high-quality legumes and grasses, are lean, fit, and healthy, yet our meat, unlike much grass-fed meat, is not overly lean." The fat, says Carr, contains some of the substances most desirable for health as well as for flavor. The Carrs studied biodynamic agriculture at the Michael Fields Institute in Troy, Wisconsin, a learning center devoted to furthering agricultural practices that sustain the land and its resources. In 1992, they bought 50 acres and now have 220. The sheep were originally part of their plan to rescue soil that had been depleted by modern mainstream agricultural practices. Today, the soil thrives, and so do the sheep.

Okay, I bought beef not lamb, but I just wanted the farm to get  a little shout out.

I will most likely grill these on Sunday when our nation is finally rewarded with the beginning of the NFL season.

Next Post....Huckleberry Sling!

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