Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Behold...Nature's Bounty!

Dang yo...the Green City Market got right.  Whether your needs are for fruits and herbs for summer cocktails or food for the family, the market is bursting with local produce.  It took a while to get here (seasonally speaking) but all of the produce is coming on line.  I quickly noticed all the cherries around.  We got Tart Michigans, Rainier, Yellow Rainier, Sweet Michigans, Laser Cherries (I might have made that one up)...I walked around popping these suckers in my mouth you could say I was a real....

...sorry.  That was bad and stupid.  I am curious how much of that video you actually watched.

Anyways....I like tart cherries but really wanted some sweet ones.  I scooped up a whole pallet of perfect Sweet Michigan Cherries at Klug farms where the uber-nice Abby helped take care of me.
 Literally, everyone of these cherries looked perfect.  Last week, I made a delicious cordial out of black currants.  The cordial gives you the added benefit of both magnifying flavor and allowing the product to last.  I am already thinking about cherry cordial.  I want to add a herbal component and was thinking about rosemary.  I hopped on the horn and called Nicole (she let's me date her) and asked her to consult the Flavor Bible.  If you don't have a Flavor Bible you should rethink things....
Rosemary might work.  But in our high speed world it worth consulting a book like this (which consulted scientists and chefs) to learn that sage or clove might work better, for expediency alone.  I am going to use one of those instead.  Of to the races.

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